Mi and the Serpent

(extract from the story)

Mi was sitting on the swing caressing the grass with her foot when the earth trembled. An electric impulse pierced her barefoot, shot into her body and ventured eely through her blood like a magnet towards her heart. Her light brown ragged dress dried up and shivered like an autumn leaf in the wind.  As she lost consciousness and dropped down to the ground the hall of unexplained beauty was unveiled to her and that which was taken for granted transformed, then it spoke.

Bathing in the womb of the earth, far below the surface hidden from the knowledge of man, lives a giant Serpent. She lies in a watery cavernous place and like the roots of the trees doesn’t bother herself with us, or so it seems. But unlike the roots she absorbs unexpressed passion and fearful fires, turning surroundings into carbon, cooling the boiling waters with frozen dreams. She knows of course our every move, secrets and endless steaming wishes that storm in clouds from the busy heads of ours. There is nothing she doesn’t know, from our darkest hour to our brightest star. The Serpent demands the deepest of respect as any master of secrets should. For as long as there is terror sipping, the Serpent will stay in hiding conjuring evil bidding through hands and lands of many. As fear evaporates, the Serpent is freed from her hiss to speak in tongues of courage, bringing tantalising curves, satisfaction and wisdom. Attributes it possesses above all other creature.

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