The scientist: a white cat

In the old park house I met a white cat. His name is Diamus. He has some very interesting stories to tell.  As a matter of fact I haven’t slept a wink for many, many days due to his stories, it’s hard to say how many as I have pretty much lost track of time but my guess is a month without sleep, though I may be way off. The thing is that Diamus hasn’t stopped. Well that isn’t entirely true, he gives me a few moments to eat and have a stroll around the old Parkhouse’s peaceful white garden, white due to it being covered in snow, he tells me that normally it is green, orange, purple and white, which is hard to believe right now. So yes, I have mostly been sitting by the warm stove hearing his stories.

I guess I sort of asked for this back then, I just didn’t expect a cat to be the protagonist of this quest. I am a huge fan of the park but I am also a scientist, well I was anyway, but that is another story. You see once upon a time I started making a map of the park so as to figure out what it was all about. It was an exciting prospect at first. I started by a small hill, which was my favorite part. It is fairly barren and has at its highest point a tree with a bench next to it and lots of cute little paths going to and from it, I used to think that the hill had been made for me especially. From there I could see a good amount of the park’s landscape but not as much as to get scared away by my daunting task. I sat there many times wondering where all the paths lead and one day they asked me to draw them, and then they said that they wanted to know what they belonged to, where they were going. And that is how it started.

The map had to be done methodically and I knew that step by step by step I would find that place. I was once told about it, it’s a somewhere in the park which shows you the widest possible view of the where and how of the park’s ways. Full of anticipation I packed a bag and embraced this challenge. I really had no idea what I was giving myself into. From my bench the view was truly restricted. Don’t get me wrong, there are no regrets, I am happy I am making this map (I am still working hard at it by the way) but I find it amazing how long I actually sat there, back then, before speaking to those little paths. I am not sure that making a map is a good plan anymore, not after having met Diamus, but that doesn’t matter I will not give up.

Diamus laughs a lot. It is annoying at times, especially when I ask specific questions and I need specific answers. Laughing it’s difficult to mark on the map. He has told me that I will find a place where many stories gather, he says it’s in the middle of the park but I will only get to it if I am on my way around, not out. I think I know what he means. At the moment I haven’t quite worked out if I should leave this place to continue my documentation or stay here until spring. Not sure it’s my decision anymore.

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2 Responses to The scientist: a white cat

  1. lelis says:

    Ohhhhh, Siiiiiii, bueno bueno!!! Esta si que será la historia interminable. Será que una vez llegada a la cima del monte se vislumbrarán “todos los caminos posibles”. Sigo el desarrolo con entusiasmo!

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