Lele is: Dreaming times

Some dreams feel bigger than others. I don’t think they actually are.

Maybe they dwell deeper, in lands not credited in our earth bound conscious mind.  When we look at them they seem like infinite wilderness of woo-woo land. We get lost and hope for the best.  Or build a house of protection and stay for a drink, or two.  Or we might work out a map.

Some dreams feel like bullshit. We vomit hate and flush them.  Or tear them out after a long and painful sniff.

Some dreams just don’t recall.

My dream I speak of was insanely distant, which makes it wonderful in both pain and joy. Now I see that it has always been with me. It’s the biggest cliché of time and space, the dream I have is here, in this place with you. It’s exciting times indeed. It’s the time when matters merge, where submerged in many nights reality and fantasy emerge to twinkle in broad daylight.

I have never been interested in re-constructions or life drawing. Alright, if I must I’ll draw, make and do, but it bores me to do what I see without anew.  I want to feel, see and hear alterations as I am in all possible combinations at once. It has been and remains quite a challenge in this ordered world. You may answer that it sure is in chaos and so forth, and that there is little of the order I speak of. But please, really what is known is the order of the day as day to-day persists. This is no banter, but a call to thee who may feel inclined to move images around in life and dream to play hereafter.

The Park worlds of Mi and Zu came from these kinds of thoughts. Generous and flexible. Naïve and obscure.

As they do, these stories began in several ways in life over a long period of time. If a start must be named, it was a game that developed from the millions of children’s drawings I have scattered all over the walls, ceilings and cupboards. This play was transformed between two dear friends and turned sour due to an evil crocodile spell that made it hungry for galore.  But as rabbits do like to multiply the stories travel over world and wide and continue to breathe the air of the extraordinary Park.

Watch this space for stories, characters and all that.

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