Lumi Mountain

Zu woke up before Mi this morning. Despite the alluring sun he felt uneasy. This was strange for Zu; sun was all he needed, so why the nervousness? He is not the worrying type, he leaves that to Mi. A dark cloud was coming over from the west, but that was certainly not it. He remembered having been woken up by a gentle but somewhat eerie and determined stroke on his wings during the night. It was a little green snake who had found its way into his dream. It was eager to communicate with him but vanished when he opened his eyes. He could still see its orange begging eyes staring into his as if to infuse his mind and heart with compassion.

In a place at this time a stone is deep in wonder. It can sense the difficult days ahead. The stream is not worried, it plays its music and feels the sun. The radiant sun encourages the light blue sky; and a few clouds tease the hills to wake up, informs it it’s time to play.

An old woman is coming out of her house. Lumi is her given name. Lumi wears a grey dress and has long silver hair tied back in a plait. She lives in a stone house; it’s a small home with one room and no window. A bed on the floor, a table, and a chair that is all. Her residence reminds her of her task. So does her dress. Lumi is brave and wise. Many centuries ago she was given a secret occupation, to protect children from the demons of Sans. These demons are dangerous, deceitful, and extremely clever and once they get hold of someone they will rarely let go. They come in different disguises and have been around since the beginnings of our history. They are especially dangerous between the years of 3 and 12. You see the demons take hold of the little ones during their inquisitive time, suck them into a demon world and do not let go until they are sure to accept it as their world. The cleverest and most evil thing is that, the demons of Sans have devised a language barrier so that the little ones will not be heard by the older ones and once they are old enough to be heard the youngsters are so angry and confused that they cannot express their views with clarity. And as thus are forced to accept the demon world as true. The demons disguise themselves in ropes of intelligence and power. Almost all can be had with their power. As thus they control the fate of many worlds.

Beyond the glorious appearances it is a very dark world they live in and Lumi knows that she is in danger too. No one must she speak to. No one must find her. Her house is surrounded by the renegade snake caves. The renegade snakes had arrived one by one from all corners of the land, were full of inside information and by now grown into quite a big congregation. They help Lumi find adequate individuals for the task. When times are too demanding, times like these, they must call for help, most likely from other spheres. The snakes are great helpers in this search. This is where Zu comes into the picture; he had been selected by the snakes. But only if he awoke to their dream message could he be of assistance to them.

Zu thought it was far too early to be awake and he took a stroll down to the river, the gentle sound of the water caressed him into slumber.  Zu dreams of Lumi Mountain. He sees a glorious place, luscious pulsating landscape. He sees deep green meadows with purple and orange flowers, pink rock formations and sapphire streams. Every part of the mountain is talking to him, whispering gently; come over, come closer. Zu can barely breathe, he wants this to last, he wants to remember every bit of it.  Gently, so as not to wake himself up, he takes a few steps and notices he is on the very top of the mountain. Below he sees a vast forest, stretching for miles and miles, then farmland and then a city.

He realises that in that city is where his beloved park resides. He feels a deep sorrow, an anguish so overwhelming that it makes him fall and roll, roll and roll down the hill into infinity.

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