From Mi’s notes: A Dad Man

Park visitors say I am peaceful and others joyful. And on an occasion I was told that I can’t be real as I smile too much. Some think I am very dramatic. I have also heard someone say so gentle.

It’s strange to be separated from others by smiles, gentleness and drama. But then again, why not. Smile might be a place, or a creature. I must search the park for Smile. Maybe it lives by the parrot palace. Is Peaceful and Dramatic also here somewhere? I shall find them and let the scientist know so he can draw their symbols on the map.

I met a Dad Man once, he was painting a sign. This is for Children’s crossings, he said, and went on to tell me many things. There are separate beings called Children, Teenagers and Adults. They are taught by the Adults as they hold the keys of knowledge to surviving in society. Lumi from the Mountain was also talking about that, but that was something else. He said it was a bit like the animals but in a different environment, and more complex. And that what is dangerous in society may not exist in the wild and vice versa. For example, one mustn’t laugh at an other’s misfortune, he said, not sure what that had to do with the wild. The meeting left questions in my notes. Are they taught because they laugh too much? Jump around too much? Talk too much? Scream too much? Is that why teenagers’ ideas must be restrained and their feelings subdued? What is dangerous? He told me so many things; I must look for those keys later. Still the conversation makes very little sense to me. I do wonder if I need to be taught as well.

He explained that the Children need to be silenced from the start, because from day one they cry a lot. At first they get food, sleep, a cuddle or winding and so most often they stop. Practical life, he said, is bliss compared to what is to come. And then he got into muddy lands; he said it was complicated. Something about the terrible twos or was it threes, must check my notes, when it starts being aware of itself as a person and wanting to be selfish. Might be what starts the Adult teachings, the how to be selfish. He continued for a long time telling me about other things that happen as years go by. He spoke about the Teenagers for a long time too. They had to learn a lot of things about their emotions.

It is obviously obvious to me that we are different, not because of age, but all of everything and all is different. What boggles me is how can the Adult teach anything to the Child apart from, be like me, or don’t be like me. Both paths lead to more me and very little of the new selfishness. Is there only one accepted form of selfish for the Adult and Child to share? I am lost, when I find the place of traditions and society I shall seek the key of knowledge that the Dad Man spoke of.

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2 Responses to From Mi’s notes: A Dad Man

  1. lelis says:

    The adults can teach a child, but… they are still learning how. May be to be silenced is a way to teach a child to be strong but the child become afraid and misunderstand the real message.
    Who knows??
    Just for start a game with you 🙂

  2. Yes, yes love a game! Who knows indeed? I shall continue my search, it sure is a fun topic! There was more the Dad Man told me, I just didn’t quite get it and now it is hard to read the strange sentences in the note pad. Will go to the crossing again and trace my thoughts back. I think I may even contact Lumi and the renegade snakes, am sure they have something to say about that!

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